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Website Design

Our Reliable networking solution system is designed with integration that allows for flexibility in Security, Data Backup and Network Scalability. Whether an Enterprise or Commercial Network, we are capable of effectively deploying now common place technologies and even more capable of providing advanced functionality to meet your future demands.

Business ideas & Set Up Advisory Consultation

We all are exposed to internal and external pressures of life. Therefore, the need for change, becoming better, faster, global, recognized and profitable is a continuous circle we all aspire. But the challenge is also that with the time, companies and entrepreneurs are getting blind on their own habits, culture and way of operating.


Visas for Schools abroad, Tourism, Business & Migration Advisory Consultation

We know it’s quite a hassle applying for a Visa. Hoping to secure a tourist visa or permanent residency, get assistance with interview preparation, visa application forms, documents vetting, getting appointment dates, we have experienced experts who can ensure a 100% chance for you for none appearance visa process and 90% chance for an appearance visa process.

Computer Training

As a value-added service, we offer comprehensive Computer training and educational services to make one become a competent computer Microsoft user on such Packages as below.


Ideas Innovation Consult Company

AMOSOFT GLOBAL LTD is a global destination consultant and management company based in Abuja Nigeria with an agent branches in Germany, USA and Canada. It caters to the needs and the demands of the independent and corporate alike. We aspire to make the experience of every individual who seeks AMOSOFT GLOBAL LTD’s Services completely worry-free.

We believe It’s time for a new approach to consultations on Business ideas and Set Up, IT and WEB Design, Tour Visas/migrations equity on success. Despite decades of efforts by public, private, and social-sector organizations, business consultations have only increased in numbers but not in realistic idea proficiency which has resulted to waste of funds and resources on businesses, Travels and Tours. Can a concerted, coordinated effort reverse this trend? Yes, please and that is why we at AMOSOFTS took the pains to make it soft with best innovative ideas.

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We have clients from over 20 countries

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