Because we believe in community development and helping the youth gain skills to help reduce poverty rate and unemployment we bridge the gap with our foundation. What to know about our foundation.

AMOSOFT GLOBAL FOUNDATION, (AGF) is a private foundation founded by MR & MRS MARTINS ABULU, CEO of Amosoft Global Ltd based in Abuja, Nigeria, it was launched October 2016 and it is a private foundation to help the unemployed youth learn some skills and set up a business that will in turn retrain some other unemployed youths to save a generational unemployment and poverty rate in the world.
All lives matter to us. So, we looking on the street to assist those downhearted and in need for help to learn and be engaged and not being idle.

We focus on improving peoples live of being taught a human services skills or business to improve wellbeing, helping individuals lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. We seek to ensure that all people-especially those with the fewest resources-can access the opportunities they need to succeed in life. Thus, our assist programs include the following.
+ Computer education training programs
+ Male hair barbing training to make them hair barbers
+ Female hair dressers training to make them ladies hair stylist
+ Industrial laundry and cleaning service training

We have done research and come to recognize that improving people's lives often happens at the local level, where individuals take action in their own communities so we do focus on the grass root.
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