Amosofts' hair salon is offering quality services and products in a lively atmosphere that combines great looks, music & art; empowering you to express your individuality. "We bring you expertise, creativity and passion that challenge the conventional, because we believe in giving you the confidence to express yourself the way you want to." - Amosofts.

We envisioned a space where people would feel comfortable in their own skin. For all new standard in male hair grooming, we provide all the essential styling services that a modern man would require to maintain that perfectly polished presence. From classic hair styling to beard care and massages, Amosofts' barbers is building a reputation for style, service and professionalism at an affordable price.

We service for both male and female in a unique way that neither male nor female will disturb each other. Privacy is respected. Visit the elegantly appointed salon conveniently located in Abuja precinct today.

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