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Ideas Innovation Consult Company

AMOSOFT GLOBAL LTD is a global destination consultant and management company based in Abuja Nigeria with an agent branches in Germany, USA and Canada. It caters to the needs and the demands of the independent and corporate alike. We aspire to make the experience of every individual who seeks AMOSOFT GLOBAL LTD’s Services completely worry-free.

We believe It’s time for a new approach to consultations on Business ideas and Set Up, IT and WEB Design, Tour Visas/migrations equity on success. Despite decades of efforts by public, private, and social-sector organizations, business consultations have only increased in numbers but not in realistic idea proficiency which has resulted to waste of funds and resources on businesses, Travels and Tours. Can a concerted, coordinated effort reverse this trend? Yes, please and that is why we at AMOSOFTS took the pains to make it soft with best innovative ideas.

AMOSOFTS is a company that looks into client’s satisfaction and recon with the level at which they understand for more light through information to ensure more knowledge about their planned package or suggested package. We advise to suit our clients and not our pockets. We building a name and we believe in trust and commitment.

The company is managed by highly qualified and experienced staff capable of rendering top-class services. As a result, our strength, experience and track record of stability has enabled us offer solutions to all our client’s needs. We are committed to provide excellent services to customers in terms of value and quality and we consistently strive to achieve best in class performance and to be the most value creating company in travels and other consultations. Our services are flexible and tailor made to satisfy the varied needs of our customers.

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